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Ready Set Lash Primer

Ready Set Lash Primer

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Introducing our Lash Primer, the secret to maximizing the performance of your eyelash extensions! 


Our Lash Primer offers a range of benefits that enhance the durability of your lash extensions. It's designed to prevent adhesives from turning white while improving the grip of extensions by effectively removing oils and buildup from the natural lashes.


Key Features:


Enhanced Durability: Our Lash Primer boosts the staying power of your lash extensions, ensuring they look stunning for longer periods.


Prevents White Residue: Say goodbye to unsightly white residue that can sometimes appear with lash adhesives. Our primer keeps your lash line clean and clear.


Improved Grip: By removing oils and buildup from natural lashes, our primer enhances the grip of lash extensions, ensuring they stay securely in place.


Easy Application Steps:


Step 1: Using a doe foot swab, apply a small amount of primer to the base of the lash strip. Wait for it to dry.


Step 2: With two clean doe foot swabs, add a small amount of primer and gently apply it to your guest's natural lashes, starting from the base and moving towards the tip. Be sure to fan the lashes to ensure the product dries effectively.


Experience the transformative power of our Lash Primer and elevate your lash extension game to new heights. Your clients will love the enhanced durability and flawless finish it provides!


15ml Bottle